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Prompt Intervention Services in Case of Ecological Disasters

From the perspective of environmental chemistry, contamination is one of the worst processes that can directly influence a biotope. Contamination is the presence of a chemical substance or of several chemical substances in a higher percentage than normally; unfortunately, the main cause for contamination is human action. Subsequently, the contaminants are dangerous by quantity, and their prompt discharge is highly important, as the effects of contamination are initially hard to estimate.

A hazardous process due to the unbelievably numerous chemical and biological reactions involved, contamination has two types of effects: they can be either visible on the short term, or become noticeable and, implicitly, more serious in time. Natural elements, such as rivers or climatic features, can influence these effects by extending the contaminated area with a new wave of secondary effects as serious as the initial ones.

Our prompt intervention in case of ecological disasters is essential in this context. It combines a set of rules and principles that insure the efficiency of our ecological services: rapid adaptation to various conditions, damage assessment, developing an immediate plan for action, safety solutions for near-by spaces, safety equipment for the intervention staff, continuous detailed management of the cleaning process, etc.

Therefore, Global Eco Center has the necessary ability and certification to perform an efficient intervention in case of an ecological disaster. Our expertise covers all the important issues related to contamination:

  • Accidental contamination with hazardous residues—oil products, and various chemical residues;
  • Diverse contamination from natural disasters;
  • Home contamination as a result of the owners’ negligence or caused by exterior factors;

Contamination of soil and water as a result of road, rail and air accidents.

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