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Used Water Treatment Services

From the broader perspective of ecological technologies, used waters present the utmost risk for the planet: fresh waters become threatened by natural changes (while pollution has a significant role) and direct human actions (generating industrial water).

We call “used water” any water with a contamination level above legally accepted standards. Although these standards are different from one country to another, and, for financial reasons, from one continent to another, the differences are quite irrelevant and the list of contaminators quite clear. Treating used water is highly important for any society that has a minimum interest in environmental conditions.

Global Eco Center performs a four-stage process on used waters:

  1. Collecting used waters in affected areas;
  2. Safe transportation to our special storage place;
  3. Adequate temporary storage of used waters;
  4. Treatment and reintegration.

The first three steps require a lot of attention from our specialists: Global Eco Center does its best to collect all the affected materials without disturbing the environmental equilibrium of the near-by areas of the affected zone, of roads and highways, and of the storage place. Yet, the most complex step is water treatment. You can either read this detailed article on the subject or follow the list below:

  1. The liquid is stored in large tanks to allow the heavy particles deposit on the tank floor, and the light particles float. This procedure leads to rather rough water purging by separating large impurities, oils and fat.
  2. The second step deals with the removal of those particles that have been dissolved into the water or float in suspension, including organic elements, such as micro-organism.
  3. In the third stage of the process, water is physically filtered and we apply a chemical treatment to ensure its purity.

By these procedures, we make sure that used waters are reintegrated into the biological circuit in a pure form, having a positive impact on both the environment and the society we live in.

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