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Field Ecology Services

High quality ecology services become certified within a couple of compulsory features: the degree of sanitation and the degree of reconstruction. Irrespective of environment conditions, technological or tactical situation, the two premises ought to be accomplished in order to lead to a decent effect.

  1. The degree of sanitation refers to the percentage of disposed waste from a certain field. The reference for the degree of sanitation is a clean field that has never been affected by any kind of contamination.
  2. The degree of reconstruction refers to turning an already sanitized area into a green place. This degree measures the reintegration into nature of an area previously affected by pollution or of an arid field.

Global Eco Center field ecology services cover all necessary aspects in order to turn an unfriendly and hazardous space into a perfect natural environment. Our experts first evaluate the degree of physical, chemical and /or biological pollution and / or contamination. Next, the field is professionally cleaned and the waste is removed and safely transported to our special storage places to be recycled, incinerated or joint incinerated. The field can later be cultivated again, depending on the financial needs and the aesthetic options of the owner.

Global Eco Center is versatile and adaptive. We understand there are factors that widely vary, such as the actual area involved, the degree of sanitation and reconstruction, etc., and we are always open to dialogue to make sure the result meets your expectations.

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