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Disinfection (Decontamination)

GLOBAL ECO CENTER is an authorized company specialized in services of environment protection and public health protection.

We offer best quality services and products, being authorized by the Romanian Government for services of disinfection and waste collecting, transportation, temporary storage and treatment / processing.

You can find us in many places around the country—sanitary units, fuel stations and deposits, auto service stations, car wash, factories, airports and hypermarkets. Our company offers intelligent solutions to solving problems regarding public health and environmental safety, promoting the idea of “clean work”.  Therefore, we love water and earth, air, forests and wide open horizons.


GLOBAL ECO CENTER offers decontamination / disinfection services for:

  • Different rooms / buildings (schools, hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, waiting rooms, train stations, restaurants, offices, bars, fast-foods, auto services, gas stations, hypermarkets, factories, private homes, etc.);
  • All kinds of surfaces—floors, walls, doors, platforms;
  • Equipment—computers, medical equipment, tables, etc.;
  • Industrial platforms—sections, hallways, scaffolds, car parks, loading and unloading ramps, maritime platforms, refineries, fuel deposits, etc.


  • The substances used have sanitary authorization and are biodegradable.
  • The waste resulting from performing these activities is entirely eliminated by Global Eco Center.


  • Examining the perimeter, laboratory analysis;
  • Assessing working procedures;
  • Isolating the contaminated parameter;
  • Decontamination of surfaces with specific substances;
  • Resetting the place into use.

Our services of disinfection are highly efficient in eliminating the risks of infection / contamination with known viruses, such as H1 N1 and H5N1.

Besides disinfection, Global Eco Center holds an authorization for the following services:

  • disinfection and deratisation;
  • taking over / collecting hospital and sanitary hazardous waste (chemical substances / chemical reagents, developing solutions, fixatives etc.) as well as industrial waste;
  • decontamination of buildings, soil, water, and equipments;
  • in-house storage and processing of waste;
  • national transportation of hazardous products and hazardous and non-hazardous waste;
  • consultancy in environmental protection.
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