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Experience, professionalism, and good intentions are not enough when fats accumulate in your sink, when water filters break under the pressure of home or industrial residues, or when gear pumps can’t work properly because the physical pollution level of waters is above the limits. It’s then when we realize we need specialized products to protect ourselves and our environment from various polluting factors we encounter day after day.

Global Eco Center sells extremely specialized products to answer to the equally specialized needs in the field of ecology services. This is enforced by these products’ professional formulas and professional design solutions and, also, by their guaranteed efficacy in each case in particular.

Legal and professional hygiene standards ask for latest products on the market, in order to optimize their efficiency and to reduce their effects on the environment. Although it seems paradoxical, our detergents are ecological and clean without affecting the environment at their turn, which would imply a secondary pollution, evenly bothering. Subsequently, secondary products, like filters, absorbents, draining systems are green.

Browse through these pages to meet the diversity of our solutions. A space which uses our products, which is maintained with our detergents, and filtered with our filters is clean, pleasant and financially efficient. Then, such a space has increased resistance, whichever the object of the respective business might be. This shows that caring for the nature means caring for ourselves.

We offer you the following products to help solve your environmental problems:


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