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About Ecology Solutions

02 Jan Posted by in Ecology solutions | Comments
About Ecology Solutions

Global Eco Center is the first company in Romania and probably the only one to define completely the meaning of “ecology solutions”. At a general level, this means ensuring a healthy and natural environment. Many people today, unaware of the true meaning of it, use it to serve various purposes: to look professional from a legislative point of view, to hide illegal actions, etc.

From our perspective, “ecology solutions” are the sum of many actions needed with respect to pollution: collecting waste, cleaning platforms of any type, decontamination of a field, terrain, or building, etc. These are the main possible situations. However, each situation in particular asks for the following steps if we want to consider the space ecologically clean:

1.      identifying the problems and gathering all the data from any elements involved, as well as the evaluation in the field with specialists;

2.      identifying the polluting factors involved (including collecting evidence for lab tests);

3.      setting up the norms/procedures of work/intervention;

4.      isolating the perimeter according to the degree of danger;

5.      collecting and securing waste, authorized transport to spaces especially designed to treat/neutralize it;

6.      cleaning the perimeter through various procedures, according to each situation in particular;

7.      reintegrating the perimeter for further use.

In general, these are the steps we follow during an ecological process.

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